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SITHACS009 – Clean premises and equipment

In this unit you will learn how to;

  1. Select and set up equipment and materials
  2. Clean wet and dry areas and associated equipment
  3. Maintain and store cleaning equipment and chemicals


The reputation of any business in the hospitality industry rises and falls with the quality of its service and the impression it makes on its guests. With this in mind, first impressions do count so it is vital to keep hospitality premises clean and tidy.

One of the major expectations of a hotel guest is cleanliness and it is something most of us take for granted. The Housekeeping department is usually only commented upon, by the guest, if something is dirty or has been overlooked when servicing the guest room.

Whilst hotel and motel rooms may vary greatly in the quality of furniture, fittings and soft furnishings, cleanliness should be of the same standard. A room sold to a guest for the purpose of sleeping, eating, bathing and entertaining and, so, should always be in pristine condition with any evidence of previous guest stays should be removed during the cleaning process. For this reason, a detailed cleaning plan and correct methods of cleaning should be in place and all cleaning staff should have thorough training in all housekeeping tasks to ensure that standards are met.

All rooms should be presented to the same standard so that a guest is assured that on each return trip to the property, they will receive the same level of attention and detail in the guest room from a well-trained and efficient housekeeping department.

Each organisation will, of course, set its own standards but these should generally include;

  • clean sheets and towels each day
  • hygienically clean bathroom fixtures and fittings
  • vacuumed carpets and dust free furniture
  • well stocked amenities;
  • an array of toiletries
  • tea / coffee making facilities
  • well stocked fridge (if provided by the establishment)
  • clean cups, saucers and cutlery
  • information pack on the hotel facilities and surrounding area

As you study this unit, you will become aware how important it is to set and maintain cleaning standards and the tasks involved in turning round a room from vacant dirty to vacant clean so that the next guest to check in will be absolutely happy with the standard of cleanliness.

Select and set up equipment and materials

An important part of running a Hospitality establishment, then, is keeping it hygienically clean. This helps to ensure that laws relating to hygiene are being complied with and the establishment is pleasing to the public. How well both the premises and equipment are cleaned and maintained depends on the following factors:

  • The frequency of cleaning.
  • How thoroughly areas and equipment are cleaned.
  • The type of areas and equipment.
  • The location of area.
Select appropriate equipment for cleaning task.

When working in hospitality there is the general rule; ‘clean as you go’ and this applies to all hospitality activities. Before cleaning begins, however, all equipment and chemicals required should be chosen in accordance with the areas being cleaned. Cleaning equipment that you may need to use can include (but is not limited to):

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