Vocational Training and Assessment  3rd edition

Now available!

“Vocational Training and Assessment – 3e”

I am very pleased to announce that Lee Perlitz Training Consultancy is working with Dan and Terry Hill and McGraw Hill to create a new edition of the textbook aimed at Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

The book is comprised of 14 chapters; 6 core and a choice of 8 electives Each chapter covers all elements, performance criteria, foundation skills, performance and knowledge evidence required of each unit of competency included.

The textbook is available on the McGraw Hill website,  in paper and e-learning formats.

Trainer/assessor guides will also be available for RTO’s and will include;

  • at least 2 assessment pieces
  • mapping to competency grid
  • answers to written questions
  • observation and/or project checklists
  • third party reports

Textbook sections

Part 1;                   Training Design and Support

TAEPDD401 Work effectively in the VET sector
TAEDES412 Design and develop plans for accredited vocational training
TAEDES411 Use nationally recognised training products for accredited vocational training and assessment
TAELLN421 Integrate core skills support into training and assessment
TAETAS401 Maintain training and assessment information

Part 2;

Training Delivery Skills

*TAEDEL311 Provide work skill instruction (this unit is combined with TAEDEL412)
TAEDEL411 Plan, organise and deliver group based learning
TAEDEL412 Plan, organise and facilitate learning in the workplace
TAEDEL413 Coordinate and facilitate distance based learning
TAEDEL405 Plan, organise and facilitate online learning
TAEDEL414 Mentor in the workplace

Part 3:


TAEASS412 Assess competence
 TAEASS413  Participate in assessment validation
TAEASS404 Assess competence in an online environment
TAEASS512 Design and develop assessment tools
Contact us for updated information on release date